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Are you missing a test result? Click the Order Id link to view the lab report.
The lab report has multiple pages, one for each test you submit.

If you have any problems using this website, email UNHCovidLab@unh.edu (but please check the FAQ first).

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can't login?

  • If you forget your password, email UNHCovidLab@unh.edu from your UNH email account to request a new password.
  • If you do not have a UNH email account, then please send the request from the email address associated with your UNH COVID Lab account.
  • You'll get an email from UNHCovidLab@unh.edu with a PDF attachment containing your new password.
  • You will be prompted to change your username and password the first time you login.

Password Tips

  • Your initial password may contain hard to read special characters, or characters that can be confused with each other (like the number zero and the letter 'o'). Try cutting and pasting the password from the PDF into the password field if your initial password doesn't work when you type it in.
  • Your username is your full email address. For example, itid1234@wildcats.unh.edu, not itid1234 alone.
  • Please make a note of your password when you change it. Most web browsers can securely save passwords for you.
  • This account is separate from your UNH account and your UNH account password won't work for this site.

Using the Patient Portal

  • The main page of the portal shows the status of your test kits-not test results.
  • The Order Date is the date the labels for the test kit were printed, not the date you submitted a sample.
  • Test results are only displayed on lab reports.
  • Click the blue Order ID link for each test kit to open the lab report.
  • There can be more than one test result on a lab report, so please scroll down to see them all.
Click the Order ID link to open the lab report.This shows each label in your test kit. When the label's name turns bold it means that sample was processed and has a result.The date the labels were printed.Status of the test kit. Not COVID-19 test results.

Lab Reports

The lab report is the official record of your COVID-19 test results. Each test you submit will have one result listed on the report.

Helpful Tip: If you can't scroll through the lab report on your phone, try a desktop browser.

The result of your COVID-19 test. Not Recommended For Diagnostic Testing means that the pool containing your sample did not test positive for COVID-19. The date the sample was processed and received a result. Your newest test result will have the most recent approval date. The flag column is empty when the result is Not Recommended For Diagnostic Testing.